IFIC Aamar Bari Loan। বাড়ি তৈরি জন্য হোম লোন

If you dream of having your own house then IFIC AAMAR BARI is the perfect financial solution for you. This is an attractive loan facility for all credit worthy individuals of Bangladesh who wish to buy new or used the apartment/flat, mortgage their existing house/flat/apartment or construct/ renovate/ extend their existing flat/house, want to Purchase/Construct/Renovate semi-pacca house etc

IFIC Aamar Bari Loan Features

  • Loan amount up toTk 2 Crore
  • Tenure : Salaried 25 years, Professional 20 years Maximum
  • No processing fee for loan takeover
  • Facility of premium overdraft up to 1.5 crore
  • Processing fee : Minimum 0.30 % of loan

Types of loan

  • Home loan: to build or purchase new/used residential property ( House/ apartment/Flat/ Duplex/condominium )  
  • Home credit: to re-construct /extension/renovation /modification  within the existing approved plan of existing residential property
  • Semi-Pucca: maximum 50,00,000 ( Purchase /construction/renovation)
  • Take over: HBL takeover from other banks /NBFL

Required Documents

 Initial Documents for submitting loan application:

  • 2(two) copy passport size photographs of all intending borrowers.
  • Letter of introduction from employer (for salaried individuals).
  • Bank statement (for last 12 months)
  • All loan statement (last 12 months minimum)  Credit card statement   if any (last 6 month)
  • Salary Certificate/Trade License/ Professional certificate/ MOA/ Form XII etc
  • TIN Certificate copy  Utility bill copy (last 6 months) for present address verification 
  • National ID copy
  • Approved plan & plan approval letter from the concerned authority

আমার বাড়ি ভালবাসায় বসাবাস। আমার বাড়ি লোন প্রদান কার্যক্রম অনেক সহজ করে দিয়েছে আইএফআইসি ব্যাংক। সেমি পাকা বাড়ির জন্য সর্বোচ্চ ৫০ লক্ষ টাকা লোন পাওয়া যাবে।

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